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  1. A few questions:

    I travel quite a bit and was curious as to the effect the beads will have on all airport security scanners. Do you recommend taking them off? How to pack them? Does the dosage ever decrease?

    Thank you.

    J. O.

  2. So let me see if I have done the math correctly on dose rate as I would observe it on my Geiger counter. If I have done the conversion correctly 10 mGy/yr would convert to 0.114 mR/hr and 100 mGy would convert to 1.14 mR/hr dose rate on my Geiger counter. I found some uranium beads on line from Cz and got them in the mail for only $5 total cost! I measured their radiation dose rate at 250 micro-R/hr or 0.25 mR/hr. That give me a yearly dose of between 10 mGy and 100 mGy per year which is right in the ball park? Also, I am wondering if I am interpreting the Dose-Response curve correctly by concluding that any dose below about 1 mGy per year is bionegative, i.e. harmful to your body and health? So does that mean that if I had some uranium beads on my neck that emitted below the 1 mGy/yr level it would be more harmful to my health than not wearing the beads? Thanks for your information and response.