Comparing Naturally Occurring Radiation to Nuclear Accident Releases like Fukushima
The press consistently confuses naturally occurring radiation from that released by a nuclear accident such as at Fukushima in Japan.   Naturally occurring radiation comes from Uranium and Thorium mainly which have a half life in excess of 4 billion years.   Both give off a mild type of radiation dating back to the formation of the Earth.   On the other hand, many radioactive components escaping from Fukushima have a half life of days, not billions of years.   That means all the radiation is given off a million times more quickly … and it could poison people.    Please do not confuse natural radiation with man made isotopes which can be very dangerous.  The press too always worries about long lived isotopes which are harmless due to their low levels of radiation in the hormetic zone!

One thing the Japanese Fukushima residents have in their favour is the popularity of radon hot springs for healing.   This means the Japanese people have developed an elevated resistance to the effects of radiation from their cultural hot spring bathing behaviour.   Lets hope this protects them.

For USA and Canadian folk worried about the tiny amounts of bad isotopes floating in from the ocean.  It can barely be detected with leading edge instruments in North America.  It is harmless.  I heard recently that tuna contains 400% more radioactive cesium since Fukushima.  This is true but is not an issue since the natural levels of cesium can barely be measured.   Thus 400% greater than nothing is not worth worrying about.  The radioactivity of the natural radioactive potassium is 10,000 times higher than the cesium.

If you are still afraid … time to build up your immunity.   Shop for beads at your local bead shop.   The good ones are called vaseline or uranium glass beads.   They are 2% uranium and give off very low levels of natural radiation which will build up your immunity to both diseases and to radiation.  They are unregulated by international agreement so you should be able to buy then in any country.

Click below to read an article from Canadian researcher Jerry Cuttler of Mississauga.