Hormesis Tools

Radiation Hormesis Tools from 1920 to 2014

Traditional Tools from 1930 or Earlier:

In 1912 a product called the Revigator was patented.   It was a water jug with uranium ore built into the clay material it was made from.   The idea was to fill it with water the night before  and drink water from it the next day so that radon could enter the body to help with arthritis.    This was the very first radiation hormesis device from the early 20th century.


Revigator (1918) is a jug lined with Carnotite Uranium Ore.

Revigator (1918) is a jug lined with Carnotite Uranium Ore.

Revigator (1918 model) is a jug lined with Carnotite Uranium Ore.  The stone jug was fired and then a slurry of high grade uranium ore plus the same clay as the jug was made from plus sawdust.   This was troweled onto the inside of the jug and then it was re-fired.  The wood dust disappears leaving voids so the water can penetrate a honeycomb like structure that releases radon into the water.  An ingenious invention.

The Revigator is regarded on the internet as being the ultimate quack medical device.  There are amusing websites which quote the original instruction manual  “Now you can have all the radioactive water you and your family can drink in the convenience of your own home!”  We laughed about the revigator from 1950 onwards but in reality it was potentially a useful radiation hormesis tool.   Unfortunately some of them used poor quality uranium ore that was high in arsenic … not much, but enough to possibly counteract the hormesis effect.   If the water was used for bathing, rather than drinking, this device was excellent at replicating healing hot spring water!   This first radiation therapy device was based on low level radiation.   The ore selected for the Revigator was somewhat high in several heavy metals such as arsenic, vanadium and lead.    There were benefits for many but for some people the presence of these heavy metals was not good for health.

I own three Revigators.  I do not drink the water but I use a revigator in my own bathroom to generate bathtub water … eliminating the need to visit the nearest radon hot spring resort to deal with my arthritis.    Most therapeutic hot springs should not be consumed by drinking due to measurable toxic levels of metallic minerals. I am 62 years old and have not found any satisfactory treatment for my arthritis in Western Medicine since I was 20. I do have some luck with a glucosamine hcl supplement that improves lubrication of the joints.    With radon spa treatments in my own home I am dancing again many weekends. It works well for me and I understand why radon spa treatment is so popular in Asia and Europe!

Other Products from 1920 – 1940:

Powdered uranium ore in cloth bag for pain relief (1930).

Powdered uranium ore in cloth bag for pain relief (1930).

Cone containing uranium ore. This "emanator" was put in water for drinking to boost immunity.

Cone containing uranium ore. This “emanator” was put in water for drinking to boost immunity.

The Tragic End to the Radiation Hormesis Industry of 1930:  The industry forgot the basic definition of a poison … the poison is in the dose!   Even table salt is poisonous if taken in sufficient quantities.   The revigator would never kill.   Over 300,000 revigators were sold and there are no reports at all of anyone being harmed.   We would not drink such water these days since more is known about heavy metals such as lead.  The early radiation hormesis devices were relatively harmless.

From 1920 to 1930 a competition was underway to see who could produce the most radioactive home remedy.   The winner (unfortunately) was Radithor,  a bottle containing a microgram of radium which is a dangerously large amount of the radioactive element radium.    Several famous and rich people who could afford to purchase it in large quantities died horrible deaths from radiation poisoning.    These incidents ended the radioactive medicine industry by 1950.  Radithor ended this industry.

Very dangerous Radithor broke the rule of "Low Dose". One person died.

Very dangerous Radithor broke the rule of “Low Dose”. One person died.

Prior to being emptied, the bottle pictured at left contained one-half ounce of Radithor, i.e., triple distilled water guaranteed to contain at least 1 microcurie each of Ra-226 and Ra-228. The manufacturer of the product, Bailey Radium Laboratories of East Orange, New Jersey, offered $1,000 to anyone who could prove the product contained less than the stated amount. No one ever did.  It was USA government certified!  Another of the company’s guarantees, that “Radithor is harmless in every respect,” proved false.  Radithor is one of the few radioactive quack cures that can be unambiguously linked to someone’s death, specifically that of Eben Byers at age 51.  He was the USA amateur golf champion 15 years earlier.

The industry faltered and by 1950 Cold War propaganda had made such an industry unthinkable.   Radiation dangers were exaggerated to prevent the proliferation of the A bomb. The dangers became a deep cultural belief even amoung scientists.  No one wanted to even encounter radiation! This avoidance of radiation has had a health cost since it is now known that radiation is a micro nutrient that prevents many cancers from occuring. Swiss experiments in a deep non radioactive mine in the 1960s showed that plants and animals could not reproduce and grow if there was no radiation at all.  Cold War propaganda is still believed by most scientists even today.

Jay Guttierez, medicine man in Colorado uses these modern tools (2014):
A similar device to the Revigator Jug is in use today made by a Colorado Medicine Man Jay Gutierrez of Night Hawk minerals.    He simply uses a small piece of carefully selected uranium ore (low in arsenic, lead etc.)  that you put in a gallon jug of water overnight … and you drink it the next day.   Several thousand people are using this new version of the revigator and it seems to work.   He has been using radiation hormesis for about 20 years and has invented a number of low level naturally radioactive tools to improve health.  Other tools of his are shown below.

Modern Revigator concept is used for Jay Guttierez's Water Stone.

Modern Revigator concept is used for Jay Guttierez’s Water Stone.  It is placed in water and the water is drunk after a day of brewing the stone soup!

Uranium Ore 200 microSievert/hour. For local area immunity boost.

Uranium Ore 200 microSievert/hour. For local area immunity boost to cure cancer.  It also kills local pain.

Uranium Ore powder and water mudpack. For pain treatment.

Uranium Ore powder and water mudpack. For pain treatment it is placed under the bottom sheet of a bed.

Uranium Ore (Carnotite) Pendant. Strength is 4 uSv/hour

Uranium Ore (Carnotite) Pendant. Strength is 4 uSv/hour. Used for lung and breast cancer treatments.

Ian Soutar’s Radiation Hormesis Tools (2014):  I created these tools between 2012 and 2014 in order to treat my own arthritis which I have had since the age of 20.  I am 65 now.   They have been remarkably effective in both eliminating many arthritis issues as well as allergy issues.

Thorite (Uranium Thorium Silicate) crystal in silver ring for accupuncture stimulation.

Thorite (Uranium Thorium Silicate) crystal in silver ring for accupuncture stimulation.

The thorite crystal was mounted in a silver ring and is used by placing the stone against the skin.   It provides for acupuncture stimulation without using a needle.  It has been found to trigger acupuncture responses and could be useful in developing countries where sterilization facilities needed for acupuncture needles are not available.  These are for experimentation only and are not for sale.   The ring puts out 85 MicroSievert/hour of nuclear radiation based on its uranium and thorium content.

Thorite crystal before mounting in ring. 65 uSv/hour strength.

Radiant Beads made from traditional Czech Republic 2% Uranium Glass. They are 6 uSv/hour.
Radiant Beads made from traditional Czech Republic 2% Uranium Glass. They are 6 uSv/hour.

These Uranium Glass Beads are used for Low Level Hormesis Therapy.  They put out 6 MicroSieverts / hour.   I personally wear them all the time where they have been useful for both allergies and immunity to colds and flu.

Radiation Hormesis Based Therapies in Japan
Radiation Hormesis research in Japan has been carried out for a number of decades since they started to study their own people involved in the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.   After the initial bombing and deaths the remaining people who received the lower doses of radiation from nearby cities and towns were studied.   This study continues today and it has been observed that no ongoing genetic mutations have been observed in Japanese families.   It would appear that the genetic heritage is well protected naturally.   These ongoing studies have shown longer lifespans and a lowered incidence of cancer in the people who surived the first 10 years.

In addition Japan has the largest collection of healing hot springs in the world.    Hot springs are extremely popular in Japan and the health of villages which host hot spring spas have been studied.    Hormetic (positive) healing results have been observed in all the studies.   Mifune (1992) (Mifune et al. 1992) and his co-workers indicated that in a spa area (Misasa), with an average indoor radon level of 35 Bq/m3, the lung cancer incidence was about 50% of that in a low-level radon region. Their results also showed that in the above mentioned high background radiation area, the mortality rate caused by all types of cancer was 37% lower.

The use of Radiation Hormesis in medicine is still experimental in Japan but they are 20 years into the work.  Japanese medical researcher Dr. Sakamoto from 1980s to 2000 cured several dozen patients of cancer by simply applying low level xrays for several hours a day over 1 week.  Hormesis medical research in Japan was started immediately after Dr. T. D. Luckey published in 1981.  It was Japanese scientists who helped to launch studies of radiation hormesis in Ontario Canada.   McMaster University is the centre for this research in Canada but without the support of the Japanese researchers it would not have moved forward so quickly.

Modern Japanese Hormesis Tools from 2013: The following tools were designed in Japan during the last 2 years …

Abstract: This study summarizes up-to-date information about the biopositive effects of low radiation treatment (LRT), radiation hormesis, and our experimental devices. In addition, we present a favorable treatment result in a patient with advanced rectal carcinoma who received LRT at home using a radon gas aspirator. The patient was a 61-year-old man who underwent proctectomy in 2010. During the additional first-line chemotherapy, apparent increases in tumor makers identified multiple remote metastases in the lung, sacrum and liver. Sacrum pain limited his activity of daily living and impeded his coming to our facility for LRT. Then, we decided to provide him home LRT using a radon gas aspirator. He inhaled radon gas for 15 minutes at least 3 times a day at home, resulting in remarkably reduced tumor markers and sacrum pain relief. He could walk, keep sitting up without support and sleep in the spine position again after receiving
home LRT. No influence of radon gas inhalation on the second-line chemotherapy was observed. The favorable effects of LRT lead us to believe that the newly-developed devices will provide the clinical significance on malignant diseases. To establish the LRT regimen, further clinical investigation and data accumulation are thus called for.
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Images of Tools used in the above Japanese study:

Radon gas inhalation device from Japanese government lab.

Radon gas inhalation device from Japanese government lab.

Hormesis tool: radioactive plastic sheet made from ore and plastic.

Alpha-Scint (TRACERLAB Co., Germany. Hormesis tool for gastric and pancreatic cancer treatment: Radioactive plastic sheet made from isotopes and plastic.