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Journal of Cancer Therapy June 2015 suggests Radiation Hormesis Cancer Treatment Better Than all Current Cancer Therapies Radiation Hormesis Treatment in Journal of Cancer Therapy 2015 JCT_2015071614001762

Proof that Radiation is Essential to Life from 1960s (Page 3) Ultra low dose Swiss -Optimum for Health & Threshold for IR-1

Fukushima and beneficial effects Cuttler-2013_Fukushima and beneficial radiation_Dose-Resp

Hiroshima study and failure of LNT model Cuttler-2014 ArchToxicol_LeukemiaHiroshimaLNTmodelwrong

Hormesis as remedy for Radiophobia Cuttler-2014_prepress Dose-Resp_Remedy Rad Fear

100 years of Radon Therapy ….. 100 years of radon therapy Becker04IJLR-RnTher

History of Radon and Gas Therapy ….. Ancient history of radon and ozone therapy epc830

Cancer and Low level Radation Therapy by Jerry Cuttler ….. cancer and low level radiation -jerry cuttler

Hormesis, Historical Investigations.  by Edward CalabreseHormesis Historical Investigations-Hum Exp Toxicol-2000-Calabrese-41-75
Radiation Hormesis Overview ….. Radiation Hormesis
Application of Low Doses of Radiation for Curing Cancer by Jerry M. Cuttler DSc.-Myron Pollycove MD-James S. Welsh MD ….. appn_low_doses_cancer_cure
Bathtub Experiments with Pitchblende to Replicate Healing Spring 1913 ….. bathtub experiments pitchblende 1913-1914_v1-2
Becker, Health Effects of Radon in Europe ….. Becker-2003, Non-linearity, Health effect radon Europe
Diabetes and low level hormesis by Hattori ….. Diabetes and low level radiation Sadao Hattori_PBNC98
Radiation Hormesis and Cancer, Hattori  ….. Hattory_S_Radiation_anticancer_IJLR_2005
Hormesis 2011 by T D Luckey ….. Hormesis 2011 T D Luckey
Hormesis 641 by T D Luckey ….. hormesis 641luckey
Hormesis using Plutonium, Uranium etc. Internal and External Sources by T D Luckey ….. RADIATION HORMESIS WITH INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL SOURCES
Hormesis Examples including cancer ….. Hormesis examples JacobSchorAndCancer
Hormesis of Radon by Hattori ….. Hormesis of Radon hattori
Radiation Treatment of Gangrene from Early 20th Century ….. Hormesis research by Jerry Cuttler 20_1-2_Gangrene
DNA Repair Center Mechanism Understanding 2011 ….. Neumaier-Formation-DNA-repair-centers-DR-nonlinearity-2011Nov
Low Dose Radiation in Medicine by Cuttler ….. Low dose radiation in medicine 2002 02cuttler
Radiobiological basis of hormesis ….. Pollycove Dose-Resp 2007, Radiobiological basis LDI
Misasa Cancer Mortality (japanese spa village with high radon water) ….. Misasa-cancer-mortality-1992-Mifune
Treatment using Radon for  certain arthritic diseases ….. radon and rheumatology_international
High levels of natural radioactivity in Iran … harmlessness shown ….. RamsarHLNRAPaper
Jerry Cuttler Receives award for research ….. Cuttler-AwardCitation-InternationalDose-ResponseSociety2011
Radiation Hormesis, Demise of a Legitimate Hypothesis by Calabrese …… Radiation hormesis: the demise of a legitimate hypothesisHum Exp Toxicol-2000-Calabrese-76-84
Cold War Propaganda: Muller Nobel Prize Speech misinformation about low doses ….. Muller-ArchTox-1
Cold War Propaganda Muller Nobel Prize Speech misinformation – expanded version ….. Muller-ToxSci-1-expanded-story

Inner ear infection treated by X-rays Calabrese-Dhawan-2014-HET_X-rays inner-ear infections, deafness