My Experience

My Experiences with Radiation

Thats me wearing some uranium glass beads.

Thats me wearing some uranium glass beads.

My Experience with Radiation Propaganda and Healing

I am an electronic product developer who uses microcontrollers and analog electronics to create industrial and medical tools.   My business in Victoria BC Canada is called Microsec R&D Inc.  The Microsec webpage is at    We began making geiger counters after the Fukushima accident in March of 2011.   After designing them I wondered if I could find a source to mail out with each unit.    I discovered uranium glass was available from the local bead shops.    It worked as a mail out source for geiger counters.     Then I started to look at the safety … and found that they were 100% safe.    Then with a little more research I stumbled across T. D. Luckey’s writing and emailed him for more information.    He introduced me to Jerry Cuttler, who lives in Ontario where I met him in 2011.    These people introduced me to others in the hormesis field and I started collecting science papers.   That is the origin of this library.

Collecting Uranium Ore as a Kid

I personally found it very hard to discard the propaganda of the 1960s.   As a kid we had atomic bomb practices at school etc.   People were building bomb shelters.   I saw the regulations coming as a kid.   I played in the Ranwick Uranium mine near Sault Ste Marie as a kid collecting radioactive samples using a friend’s dad’s geiger counter.   There were no regulations to speak of in 1959.   This was a major hobby between the ages of 9 and 12. I slept with my radioactive rocks under my pillow and on the night table.   On my pillow was the toy spinthariscope that you could look at in the night and see the sparkling scintillation with your own eye that represented nuclear energy activity.

Suddenly the new regulations came into play by 1961 and my parents threw away my rock collection.   All the cool Atomic Experimenters Kits for Kids disappeared from the hobby shops.     In 2011 I called all my childhood friends that played in the Ranwick Uranium Mine.    We had all been told to expect problems later in life from our radiation exposure.    But when I called them,  all were healthy,  none had had cancer.

Chronic Radiation Exposure for Immune Health

In 2011, after emailing T. Don Luckey for safety advice, I started ordering samples of radioactive minerals on ebay.    Since I had a geiger counter to select the strength of stone I could start scientifically irradiating myself to improve health.   I bought some minerals from Thailand (pure thorite crystals) and some radiation hormesis tools from Nighthawk Minerals.    The effects were immediately evident.    The first day of self irradiation an allergy that had developed to my favourite cat completely disappeared never to return.   Later my arthritis pain mostly disappeared.    The mudpack is to be recommended for pain control.   My wife and I both use it and it provides for non pharmaceutical pain relief.

Most of the time (24/7) I wear pendant sources between 4 micro-sievert/hour to 11 micro-sievert/hour resulting in a yearly exposure between 35 and 97 millisievert.    Starting in March or April 2011 I was accepted into a university scientific study at McMaster University in Hamilton Ontario to look at my blood using a dose-response method. They can detect changes in my immune reactions.  No changes were observed so I raised my radiation levels to between 11 and 50 uSv/hour.   I adjust the level and note any changes.   There is not much to observe except more cold and flu resistance.

Looking at the 5000 year history of radiation hormesis based healing through natural hot springs it has been and remains of great benefit.   Population studies worldwide show that in areas of high natural radiation there are 30% fewer cancers and also 20% fewer genetic mutations.   Europe and Asia have gotten over the Cold War propaganda about the dangers of low level naturally occurring radiation.

Importance of Radiation Hormesis

Exposure to supplemental radiation should increase disease immunity and significantly reduce the chance of cancer by keeping the body’s immune system “on its toes” to watch for DNA disruption.  This triggers the destruction of cells seen to be damaged if not repairable.  Thus the survival of disrupted DNA is prevented by radiation.  The biological result is that low level radiation is at least harmless and probably beneficial!  In fact it is shown to reduce cancers in some population studies by 30 percentage points.  Cancer incidence is about 40% in most developed countries.   In areas of high natural radiation the levels of cancer can go as low as 10.5%.

Some people say … “while maybe radiation is harmless but I think it is best just left alone.” But the true story is that low dose radiation protects against cancer and infectious disease.  We are in a state of health crisis without supplemental radiation.  This is echoing the words of T. D. Luckey in the late 1980s.

Here in North America however the fear of natural nuclear radiation has not lifted and as we establish more and more rules to lower the background radiation level people’s health will decline.    It is very important that this basic mode of healing that has been with us for 5000 years or more be embraced just as it was in Ancient Greece and also in 2012 throughout much of Europe and Asia.

Future Work

The purpose of this website is to overcome the nuclear propaganda of the Cold War that still haunts North America.  There are several directions we can go from here …

1/ This site can be a place for amateur and professional scientists to report their discoveries and share ideas.  If you have comments or wish to add material or offer corrections … please do not hesitate to email me.  You can also comment directly on the website … see Comments in the Menu.

2/ There are a few hundred people doing the same experiments … should we create a section of the web for health effects that people report?  You are welcome to comment on interesting discoveries.

Happy Experimenting …

Ian Soutar

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Microsec R&D Inc., Vancouver Island.

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